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This is our pleasure that you are one of our clients, what we are trying for is your satisfaction with our services. Our goal is making you successful in cyber world with during and afterward free consulting services of contract.

It takes your close cooperation to deliver effective and on time begin, please attention the following:
1-Please send company’s name and company’s color (if any) to

2-Collect all available information on the website (such as appendix).

3-After designing a website one step to introduce your website by search engine motors such as Google is sending keywords(which allow search engines to index your pages)and introduce your company in 250 this case we will help you with programming’s standards,SEO,keywords related to the page content and Google sponsorship contracts.

4-Change or approve company contact form (if needed)
Full name
Phone number

5-Your host provider and domain information(if has not please send us an email note that your hosting service must be supported by windows base and supports SQL 2008 and NET 3.5.

How to collect information
Please write information which you are interested to include in your website such as this tree diagram on a CD for Bazarsazan Company. (It should be file to file and folder to folder).

نحوه جمع آوری اطلاعات وب سایت

Please note the following points:
-Please write down information and pictures in word format regarding to the name that you wish for your website in a folder.
-If there are any sections with other languages except Persian in web site, please send us all translations of the text as described above. If your order contains a web form, please send us design of final paper made form along other information.

For more information and free consultation, contact Bazarsazan : +98 21 88 91 87 66 , +98 21 88 89 37 09

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