Bazarsazan Charter

Bazarsazan Hezareh designer company producer and provider IT solutions ,to keep customers,employees,suppliers and other stakeholders satisfaction which are company’s most valuable asset and our competitive advantages has the requires following principles.
1-we wish to continually improve the quality and variety of goods and services to achieve customer satisfaction.
2-with ongoing training partners we will promote the company to provide comprehensive quality.
3-we believe selling products and services is just the start of our relationship with customers.
4-we believe that our customers have definitely the right to have an impartial technical advice on the purchase of products or services, even if we do not lead.
5-we all always trying to protect our customer’s financial interests, credit, and prestige and well name like the same way we do for ours.
6-we make sure our customer even if there will be any problem we would never do blame and we will put all of our power and concentration on problem to never happen again.
7-If any of Bazarsazan Hezareh activities caused unease we recognize the right to declare and pursuing Sue for everybody and will help website plaintiffs with introducing face to face or telephone contact or receive fax and email as connections channels.
8-to improve the complaints procession 10002 standard for customers satisfaction-management of complaints have been reviewed from QS Switzerland, according to the standard you can follow all of your complain procedure closely.
9-we will try to offer better price to our clients with improve processes and reduce costs.
10-our mottos in business are creating change, innovation, recreation and improve.
11-we will ensure our clients that each project will be evaluated to older projects in terms of innovation and improvement.
12-this company activities is based on the model win-win
13-Bazarsazan Hezareh is interested in environmental protection projects as part of its social responsibility to protect and restore the environment.
14-the company considered reduce usage of papered made documents and catalog inside of organization and offer costumer paper need-less instruments as practical step to protect the environment.

The company’s manager is committed to be sure about availability of this charter for all concerned parts of organization and also for providing all necessary resources available and give sufficient authority to all staff to carry this on. Dear colleagues are also expected put this charter as their primary goals with hardworking and sincere.

To meet the needs of stakeholders the new charter will be reviewed at the beginning of Hijri (solar) year.

Arash Amini

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